Teri Rogowski, CFP®

My Story

Have you ever felt like you’ve lived a lot of life all at once? 

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you may know what it’s like to have so much going on, so quickly. In the span of 10 years, I had four children and got married, divorced, and remarried. Then when I was 33, my husband was killed in a car accident.

It was a lot to process, as you can imagine. At the time, I knew next to nothing about money. I held onto the life insurance check for months, paralyzed by the fear of doing something “wrong.” It was a few months later that my sister got me a job at a stock brokerage firm. It was an unexpected invitation into the world of money – and how to handle it – that began an empowering 30+ year career for me.

Since that time, I’ve guided hundreds of clients on managing money and earned the designation of certified financial planner (CFP®). From the expertise I’ve gained, and the experiences that I’ve lived, I get it. The bills to pay, the papers to file, the mail to organize – it gets out of control quickly, and it can feel like there’s no one you can trust to help you deal with it and better understand it. 

That’s why I became a daily money manager and founded Day 2 Day Personal Financial in 2017. After decades spent in the investment world, now I get to do the work that fully lights me up. I get to be the support partner I wish that I would have had when life threw me one of its famous curveballs.

I recently had one of my clients share that, “it’s hard to imagine the difference it makes to feel trust and a sense of direction. No more feeling untethered and ignorant and fearful. You are a blessing my friend!” 

And that’s the thing - it isn’t hard to imagine. I’ve lived it from the other side and guided so many others through it. For me, the blessing is being the person who can give you the relief, knowledge, security, and support you need for that next chapter. Maybe you’d like to travel, or spend quality time with family, or just get one more responsibility off your to-do list. Whatever it is, you deserve to do those things with confidence, and with financial peace of mind.

So if you need help getting there, please know, you don’t have to do it alone. I know what it’s like, and I’m here to help you take care of things.



Executive Summary

 Teri Rogowski, CFP®, is a daily money manager and the founder of Day 2 Day Personal Financial based in Cary, North Carolina. She’s a dedicated partner to individuals and families who need help and guidance understanding, organizing, and smoothly managing daily money matters.

Teri’s love of organizing extends far beyond her practice. Her favorite personal adventures include travel planning for exciting sightseeing, pampering, and family trips to wonderful destinations like Disney World.