Teri Rogowski, CFP®, CSA

As a daily money manager, I help you smoothly manage money, mail, and more. I’m your dedicated partner to help you manage everyday, personal money-related activities. Mail, bills & filing can all get out of control quickly. Let me help you get it all under control.

Daily Money Management Services

Bill Paying and Recordkeeping


  • Open and sort mail
  • Pay Bills and Reconcile Financial Statements
  • Organize and maintain filing system
  • Create and review Spending Plan

Alleviate Financial Stress


  • Provide oversight and collaborate with family members
  • Seek resolution for discrepancies 
  • Provide referrals to Professional and Community Resources (CPA, Attorney, etc.)

Provide Convenience


  • Services provided in privacy of client's home
  • Personalized and customized for each individual
  • Serving Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill

Clients who will benefit

Adults Going Through Life Transitions


People who are recently widowed, divorced, retired or relocated and overwhelmed with new responsibilities

Cognitive or Physically Challenged


Adults experiencing changes that may expose them to scams and theft

Extended Hospitalization


When the family financial caretaker is hospitalized

Extensive Travelers


For those that want oversight of daily finances so they may enjoy traveling

Busy Professionals


For those that would rather spend their limited free time enjoying family and recreation.

What clients are saying


Email Feedback

Thank you for all the security you give me with peace of mind.

KH, Chapel Hill

All is going well as I recover from a physical setback of exhaustion.  Our whole family, including myself, is grateful you are now handling financial matters for me.

JC, Chapel Hill

 It’s hard to imagine the difference it makes to feel trust and have a sense of direction. No more feeling untethered, ignorant and fearful. You are a blessing my friend!

MG, Chapel Hill